• Caroline wetterlund


    piano, flute, beginning voice

    Caroline Wetterlund holds a bachelors degree in Piano Pedagogy and two masters degrees. She is well-experienced teaching elementary through college level students, including adult group piano lessons. She teaches all ages and levels of music instruction from the early beginner to the advanced pianist who plans to make a career in music. Mrs. Wetterlund is an accomplished flautist and has been trained by great teachers including one of Julius Baker’s students. She is experienced playing in public and performs regularly for special events, musical organizations and accompanying other professionals. Her goal is to help her students excel to their utmost potential and thrive from her love of teaching. Mrs. Wetterlund also has extensive experience conducting school choirs, group music classes and directing school productions. Mrs. Wetterlund teaches piano, flute and beginner voice in addition to directing HFAA.

  • Evelyn Pupello-moore

    violin, viola, cello

    Mrs. Evelyn Pupello-Moore is a long time member of the Florida orchestra. She recently retired from the Florida Orchestra after playing professionally for over fifty years. She has been a professional musician most of her life and continues to perform throughout Tampa Bay in various chamber groups and ensembles and as a soloist. She brings a wealth of teaching experience to our staff, having taught private and group music lessons for various institutions. Mrs. Moore teaches violin, viola, cello, and Suzuki Strings for HFAA.

  • Steven Armstrong

    Voice, Brass, Guitar, Woodwinds, Piano

    A native of Bradenton, Florida, Mr. Armstrong performs frequently as a conductor and soloist. He received a full scholarship to the University of Miami and was a teaching assistant while working on his doctorate degree. He teaches all levels of musical instruction from the early beginner to advanced college level students and has a long record of preparing choirs and individuals for national, state and local voice competitions. In addition to teaching at HFAA, Mr. Armstrong is also Hillsdale Baptist Church’s Music Pastor and can be seen weekly conducting the church’s choir and orchestra as well as putting together special concerts and cantatas for church functions. Mr. Armstrong teaches Voice, Brass, Guitar, Woodwinds, Piano at HFAA.

  • Desiree McFadden

    Piano, Woodwinds, Brass, Beginner Violin and Voice

    Miss McFadden started teaching at Hillsdale Fine Arts Academy in August 2013. She holds a graduate degree from Bob Jones University in Music Education and has a passion to teach students Elementary through High School. In addition to teaching at HFAA, Miss McFadden is the music teacher for Hillsdale Christian Academy. She teaches music instruction as well as directing the school choir and orchestra. Miss McFadden teaches Piano, Woodwinds, Brass, Beginner Violin and Voice.

  • Dr. Melissa Cancel

    Drama, Theatre, Public Speaking and Communications

    Dr. Melissa Cancel has a Ph.D. in Communication with an emphasis in Performance Studies and has taught professionally for over twenty-five years. She has extensive experience acting in professional and community productions and is also known for directing plays, vignettes, shows and one-woman productions. She is an adjunct professor for local colleges and volunteers her time helping assist in dramatic productions at Hillsdale Baptist Church. Whether you’re a student in need of acting, coaching or an adult looking to improve your public speaking, Dr. Melissa Cancel (aka “Drama Doc”) has the training for you. Dr. Cancel teaches Drama, Theatre, Public Speaking and Communications at HFAA.